Welcome to Complete Martial Arts

Our overall goal for each and every one of our students enrolled at Complete Martial Arts is for them to progress and attain the coveted Black Belt in one or more forms available here.

Secondary goals come along with the first. Many times a student finds self discipline and pride in oneself as he or she learns the martial arts. Often students apply these to other parts of their lives, becoming better at school, better at work, or better at home. The martial arts becomes part of one's life; this leads to better health due to the practice and exercise that is involved with the martial arts. It leads to a "can do" attitude, one of setting goals and of attaining them.

Here at Complete Martial Arts we dedicate our time and effort to assisting any of our students in attaining these goals and take pride in our students attaining their achievements.

Our School Program Benefits:


  • Our Reward System Improves Self-Esteem
  • Our Class Structure Teaches Discipline
  • Our Activities Channel Aggression
  • Our Confidence Classes Enhance Assertiveness
  • Our Program Teaches a Lifetime of Self Defense Skills


  • Our Workouts are a great way to get and Stay in Shape
  • Our Classes Relieve Stress
  • Our Classroom Practice Sessions give you Confidence
  • What We Teach Could Save Your Life
  • We have a lot of Fun


Complete Martial Arts, School of Defense

Price List:
  • Intro Special: $39.95
    (Includes Free White Gi, 2 Weeks of Classes)
    (Rest of Month will be Prorated)
  • Buddy Intro Special: $85.00
    (Includes 2 Free White Gi, 1 Month of Classes)
    (Non-Family Members)
  • 8 Week Special: $100.00
    (Includes Free White Gi, 8 Weeks of Classes)
  • Individual: $70.00 (Monthly)
  • Family Plan: 1 person-$70, 2 people-$110, 3 people-$150, Family of 4 or more-$190.00 (Monthly)
    (Family Plan must be immediate family, no Uncles, Aunts or Cousins)


    Uniforms must be worn after the introductory Period. Uniforms may be purchased at the Complete Martial Arts Outlet Store and may be White, Black, Blue, Red or Pink. (A white Gi is needed for testing).

School Membership and Accreditation with:

United States Association of Martial Artists

USAMA Certified

New Mexico State Karate Alliance

NMSKA Certified

International Karate Kobudo Federation

IKKF Certified

National Association of Professional Martial Artist

National Association of Professional Martial Artist