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Biography of Sinpa Josh Hale

I was born June 4, 1985 in DeRidder, Louisiana with three older brothers. My family was very in to sports growing up and we were always competing in something. One day a friend of mine asked me to join him at a karate school in the beginning 2000. I kept training there in Kyo Kai Do Karate until the end of 2001. I eventually joined the United States Air Force.

The Air Force stationed me here at Holloman AFB in 2004 and I have been here every since. After I got out of the Air Force I was looking for something exciting and fun to fill my time so I tried all the martial art schools Alamogordo had to offer and I felt more at home with the style and teaching methods at Complete Martial Arts. So I decided this is where I would continue my martial arts journey

Josh Hale, 7th Kyu Low Green Belt, Shotokan Karate