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Welcome to Complete Martial Arts:




  • Be Polite and Courteous at all times.
  • Your Uniform:
  1. Clean and neat - is a sign of developing a Black Belt Attitude.
  2. Never wash your Belt, (Tradition teaches us that to wash a belt is to wash your knowledge from your belt.... story of traditional belt ranking).
  3. Never tie your Belt while facing a higher belt than you; it is considered an insult.
  • The Dojo:
  1. Bow upon entering and prior to exiting the training hall.
  • Training Area:
  1. Bow before you enter and exit the training area.
  2. Use of equipment is allowed and encouraged, but mis-use of the equipment will not be tolerated.
  3. Sparring, even Shadow Fighting, will not be allowed unless an instructor or Black Belt is on the training area and is observing.
  4. No Horse-play on the training area will be allowed.
  5. Once class is started, you may leave the training area only after gaining approval from the instructor, unless an emergency exists.
  6. Once class has started, you may enter the training area only after attaining permission of the instructor.
  7. When practicing with another student, use only enough force to apply the technique. We are not here to hurt one another. Always bow to your partner prior and after the training together.
  8. Always reply to a question with Yes Sir/Maam-No Sir/Maam-Yes/No Sensei/Sinpa.
  9. No food or Drink on the training area, this includes Gum and Candy.
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Complete Martial Arts
1517 10th St.
Alamogordo NM, 88310


USAMA Certified
United States Association
of Martial Artists

NMSKA Certified
New Mexico State
Karate Alliance

USKA Certified
United States
Karate Alliance

Be Proud of Your School. Be Proud of Your Rank. Show Pride in Your Accomplishments

Complete Martial Arts, School of Defense

Price List:
  • Intro Special: $29.95
    (Includes Free White Gi, 2 Weeks of Classes)
    (Rest of Month will be Prorated)
  • Buddy Intro Special: $85.00
    (Includes 2 Free White Gi, 1 Month of Classes)
    (Non-Family Members)
  • 8 Week Special: $100.00
    (Includes Free White Gi, 8 Weeks of Classes)
  • Individual: $70.00 (Monthly)
  • Family Plan: 1 person-$70, 2 people-$110, 3 people-$150, Family of 4 or more-$190.00 (Monthly)
    (Family Plan must be immediate family, no Uncles, Aunts or Cousins)


    Uniforms must be worn after the introductory Period. Uniforms may be purchased at the Complete Martial Arts Outlet Store and may be White, Black, Blue, Red or Pink. (A white Gi is needed for testing).